In this Blog you will find a presentation of a holiday cottage that formerly was built in order to support trade of coal produced in the surroundings of Cala Vedella, in Ibiza: Sa casa des Carbó (Charcoal’s Cottage). This cottage was located just at the coast to facilitate the charcoal’s distribution towards the capital, since at that time the sea was the main conveyance.


The ancient Charcoal Cottage of Cala Vedella, also is known among locals as “Ca n’Engràcia” (Engracia’s house) as a consequence of the footprint that this lady left at the place. Around 1949-52 Engràcia and Lluís reached the Cala, they were nature lovers, and activists committed on universal ethical principles (justice, respect …).

Sa Casa des Carbó

Today this old cottage has been adapted so austere and simple. The new design has been conceived to delight short stays in holiday periods or even with the idea of ​​providing all the facilities for retreats that require a high dose of concentration (summer, winter or weekends). The interior current design was projected by Jose Maria de Cambra, Grupo Instrumenta .

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Josep, David, and Pep Serra

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