Upcoming improvements

Next winter 2014-2015, we would like to reform the rest of the house.  Below you will find some of our plans.

P-0 Layout1 (1)


And we never are going to forget what we did before!!!!!!…

Once upon a time, in a place of the Mediterranean Sea, it was built a small hut on the shore of the sea. This cabin became a charcoal cottage. In front of the marine horizon, from twilight to sunset, the cove’s picture was being redrawn. The island scenery was ticking through the sound of the waves, sheltered by the drops of moisture, seasoned by saltpeter, and scented by the sea breeze.

In the course of time the landscape was changing, the coal’s dyeing black was fading away from winter to spring, from autumn to summer, year by year. Nevertheless, the Charcoal’s Cottage remained, and nowadays it is being the heritage of local history, the witness of the neighborhood processing.

In 2012 the Cottage was renovated thanks to personal efforts of all members of our family, thanks to friends who helped us, either designing it, loaning us money… or encouraging us to continue with the hard work. In terms of changing the appearance of the hut, we wanted to keep its natural quality, the simplicity it had before, but transforming the cottage in a comfortable, modern, and cozy place.

The video shows part of the efforts we did, it shows the original walls where local people, two centuries before, worked placing one stone upon… and meanwhile you see it, you can enjoy the hip sound of The Black Keys.

Thanks all of you.




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