“Xacota pagesa” – Traditional celebrations of local farmers

On summer there are plenty of small and local celebrations, a kind of community festivities or social celebrations replete with rituals and symbolism.  Every year, natives, local people and everyone who wish to take part on those, are welcome to meet around wells and springs all over the island to pay tribute to water, and also to commemorate the end of the harvest and the agricultural chores.  You will find an environment full of traditional music and dances, where you will taste the local wine, and eat typical regional meals as coca de pebrera, or sweets such as bunyols or orelletes.

These dances were resurrected some years ago by farmers’ dance colles or troupes, who breathed new life into them with music and dance.  (resource  Official Tourism Site of Ibiza).


Below you will find a timing of these local celebrations, however dates changes from one year to another.


– Where: Font de Peralta ( – Santa Eulària des Riu). When: Last June? [29th June in 2014].

– Where: Pou de Corona (39°02’24.3″N 1°19’47.8″E – Santa Agnès de Corona). When: Last June.  Dancers: Colla de Buscastell.

– Where: Pou des Escarabats (39° 0′ 19.80″ N  1° 21′ 6.71″ E – Sant Antoni de Portmany). When: 1st Sunday after “Sant Pere” (Saint Peter).  Dancers: Colla de Can Bonet.


– Where: Broll de Buscastell (39°01’17.3″N 1°21’48.2″E – Buscastell). When: 1st following Saturday after “Sant Jaume” (Saint James). Dancers: Colla de Can Bonet.

– Where: Pou de Benimussa ( – Sant Josep de sa Talaia). When: First sunday of July (?) [6th July, in 2014].

– Where: Font d’en Carreró  ( – Sant Joan de Llabritja). When:  Sunday before Saint James????  [20th July, in 2014].

– Where: Pou d’en Benet ( Benimussa – Sant Josep de sa Talaia). When: Last Sunday of July (?) [27th July, in 2014].


– Where: Pou de Llabritja (Sant Joan de Llabritja).  When: Sunday before the 5th of August [??? 8th August in 2014???] (festivity of Nostra Senyora de les Neus).

– Where: Pou d’Albarqueta (Sant Miquel).  When: August the 5th??, August the 12th???.

– Where: Pou des Baladre (39°04’43.5″N 1°33’20.1″E – Sant Vicent de Sa Cala): Sunday after August the 8th (festivity of Sant Ciriac).

– Where: Font des Yerns ( – Santa Eulària des Riu): Sunday 10th of August (2014).

– Where: Font des Verger (Map/route Casa des Carbo – Font des Verger / Sant Josep de sa Talaia): Second Sunday of August [9th of August in 2015].

– Where: Pou Roig  ( – Sant Jordi): Second Sunday of August??? [10th of August in 2014].

– Where: Pou de sa Punta de Dalt ( – Eivissa): Second Sunday of August??? [10th of August in 2014].

– Where: Pou des Rafals ( – Sant Josep de Sa Talaia): Mid August??? [21st of August in 2014].

– Where: Font de Balàfia (39°02’06.6″N 1°29’07.2″E – Sant Llorenç de Balàfia).  When: Second Sunday after the 10th of August [21st August in 2004???) (Sant Llorenç -Lawrence- festivity).

– Where: Plaça de l’Hort de Jesús ( – Santa Eulària des Riu): Last Saturday of August??? [30th of August in 2014].


– Where: Cala Aubarca (?) (Sant Mateu d’Albarca). When: Mid September [September the 6th, in 2014]. Dancers: Colla Sant Mateu


– Where: Pou de Gatzara ( – Santa Eulària des Riu): Early October [4th of August in 2014??].

– Where: Pou d’en Micolau (38°58’07.7″N 1°24’31.5″E -Sant Rafel).  When: early October [the 12th???  or the 4th???, in 2004]. Dancers: Colla de Sant Rafel.

– Where: Pou de Forada (38°58’07.7″N 1°24’31.5″E). When: Second Sunday of October [the 12th, in 2004]. Dancers: Colla Brisa de Portmany


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